Healthy Sex

It's time to take control of our sexual health and get sex-positive to strip away the shame around sexuality and sex. With the countless attacks on comprehensive, age-appropriate sex education in this country, the loss of a generation to the HIV crisis in the 1980s, and the current disproportionate impact of HIV on the Black and Latiné LGBTQIA+ communities, we are committed to building a sex-positive and well-informed generation free of HIV and its associated stigma.

Through sex positivity, communities can celebrate the many ways people consensually discuss, engage and express their sexuality and pleasures. Through this lens, we can empower ourselves, prioritize our sexual health and help end misinformation and stigma.

Harness Your Sexuality

Harness Your Pride

We are educating and empowering LGBTQ+ people on healthy sex by promoting best practices in testing, preventing, and living with HIV-- and other STIs. Through this national sex positive campaign we will collaborate with content creators, celebrities, college students and advocates to build a generation free of HIV and stigma.

Sex Work: Beyond the Stereotypes

Sex work. We all see it across tv, in the news, or maybe even on platforms like OnlyFans, but the diverse experiences of those involved in this profession are deeper and more comprehensive than you may know.

The Truth on Sex Work

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We're joining content creators, LGBTQ doctors and sex health advocates to share our stories, strip away the shame of sex and educate the world on sexual health

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Sex & Body Positivity

Let’s talk sex since so many people don’t want us to. It’s a natural part of life and we have to strip away the shame. Denial won’t end the HIV epidemic—only stigma-free and truth-based conversations can inspire us to take control of our sexual health.

The sex positivity movement isn’t just about giving LGBTQ+ people the space to celebrate our bodies, sexuality and gender identities, but it’s also about removing the judgment and shame. Judgment and shame stop us from accessing safe and pleasurable sexual experiences, learning about HIV & STIs, and preventing the trauma of unprepared sex.

We must also celebrate all parts of ourselves, including our melanin and our body types. No matter our size, shape, skin tone or scars, we must remember we are all beautiful. As we explore this journey of discovery and pleasure, we must embrace healthy sex.

GenZ and Sex Health

1 in 5 new HIV diagnoses are people between the ages of 13-24. To combat this trend the HRC Foundation has launched GENERATE, a Gen Z sexual health program to energize 18-24 year olds across the country to take control of their sexual health and reduce the spread of HIV through advocacy, education and storytelling.

The GENERATE cohort is made of 14 amazing Black and Latiné LGBTQ+ students and advocates who will work with HRC to spearhead innovative and meaningful grassroots-level advocacy by elevating HIV prevention efforts and training others in the community to create transformative change—now and in the future.

Healthy Sex for Transgender Bodies

Within the LGBTQ+ community, transgender and non-binary people have unique needs around sexual health, HIV prevention, treatment and their journey on sexuality and pleasure.

For example, PrEP’s methods and efficacy depend on how someone is having sex. It’s important to consider what kind of sex you are having (vaginal, rectal, oral, etc.) to determine the most effective form of PrEP for people on gender-affirming hormones. PrEP has still been shown to work well for trans women and has had no effect on hormone levels for trans women, trans men or non-binary people.

It’s important to break down the stigma that hinders sex positivity and sexual health in the trans community through visibility, education, and increased access to trans-compentent healthcare.

Healthy Sex: Talk about it. Be about it.

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We are building a generation free of HIV and stigma. Join us across the country by checking out the My Body, My Health initiative.