Knowing your status is critical in the fight to end the HIV epidemic. HIV testing can be done with your doctor, in a hospital, or at a community health clinic. You also have the option to test in the privacy of your home with self-testing kits.

How Testing Works

  • Some tests use a blood sample by a finger prick or blood draw, which may take a few days or weeks for results depending on if it's sent to a laboratory. Other tests use oral fluid (saliva) samples that can provide results in 30 minutes or less.
  • How much of the virus is present in the blood, known as the HIV viral test load.
  • There are a variety of test options like the nucleic acid test (NAT) that can determine if HIV is present and the viral load.
  • If you are exposed to a virus, like HIV, your body’s immune system will produce antibodies to fight the virus or a foreign substance known as antigens that activate this response.
  • There are also tests that screen for the antigens and antibodies in the oral fluid or blood sample. Whether your results are positive or negative you should discuss them with a healthcare provider. With My Body, My Health, we are helping connect you with options and life-saving resources available at every step of the process.

In-Home Testing Kits are Now Available

In partnership with Us Helping Us, we now provide in-home testing so you can take control of your sexual health right from home. All you have to do is request a kit and we will mail it to you!

Get Tested

Do your part to end the epidemic and get tested. Find an HIV/STI testing location or medical provider in your area. Find an HIV testing location near you.

Prioritize Your Sexual Health

There are thousands of local organizations working to stop STIs and HIV in their tracks. Connect with them to find the services you need.