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Overall health and wellness include routine testing for sexually transmitted infections (STIs). There are many options for getting tested: a primary care doctor, at a community health clinic, or even with a self-test kit. Regular testing can help in the early detection of an infection, especially knowing that some do not experience symptoms with several STIs.

Through our Wellness in Action program, we offer free HIV self-test kits so you can test yourself at your convenience.

How Testing Works

  • Some tests use a blood sample by a finger prick or blood draw. Our testing kits use oral fluid (saliva) samples and will provide results in as little as 20 minutes.

  • If you are exposed to a virus, like HIV, your body’s immune system will produce antibodies to fight off the virus known as antigens that activate this response. This is what the testing kit is testing for.

  • There are various test options like the nucleic acid test (NAT) that can determine if HIV is present or the amount of the virus present in your blood per milliliter, also known as the viral load.

  • There are also tests that screen for the antigens and antibodies in the oral fluid or blood sample. Whether your results are non-reactive (reflected by one line on the test) or reactive (reflected by two lines on the test), you should discuss them with a healthcare provider.

With Wellness in Action, we are helping connect you with the options and resources available at every step of the process.

How to Self-Test for HIV

Watch below to see how to self test and connect to services.

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Free HIV Self-Testing Kits

Our “Wellness in Action” program, working with CVS Health and local community-based organizations, are distributing free HIV self-testing kits to help address safety and access barriers folx may experience. If you are looking to find more information, would like to connect with one of our trusted partners, or request a self-testing kit, please click on the link below with the partner representing your region.

*Residents in the Northeast region can request testing kits from our CBO regional partners located in the South

Wellness in Action: CVS Health and Abounding Prosperity discuss their collaboration on free HIV testing kits.

Watch how the Wellness in Action initiative has helped our community partners expand access to sexual health services.


Do your part to end the epidemic and get tested. Find an HIV/STI testing location or medical provider in your area.

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