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Building a Generation Free of HIV & Stigma

There are approximately 1.2 million people living with HIV in the U.S. and communities of color have been hit the hardest.

That’s why the Human Rights Campaign has joined Gilead Sciences to launch the coast to coast initiative “My Body, My Health,” to break through the barriers and systemic injustice affecting the sexual health of our Black and Latinx LGBTQ+ communities.

Get Sex Positive

HRC Launches Gen Z Sexual Health Program: GENERATE

We are selecting 15 GENERATE peer facilitators across the country to mobilize Black and Latinx LGBTQ+ youth to promote sexual health on college campuses and within local communities

If you're 18-24 years old, then to apply this fall.

It’s time to strip away the shame of sex, get sex positive and take control of our health. With the attacks on LGBTQ+ sex education and the loss of a generation of teachers from the early HIV crisis, we are coming together as a new generation to embrace our sexuality and build a generation free of HIV and stigma.

HIV Prevention

In-Home Testing Kits are Now Available

In partnership with Us Helping Us, we now provide in-home testing so you can take control of your sexual health right from home. All you have to do is request a kit and we will mail it to you!

HIV Prevention: Preparing for healthy sex is key to ending the epidemic.

PrEP if taken as prescribed is 99% effective in preventing HIV.

Testing can be with LGBTQ+ inclusive partners or with in-home testing kits.

U=U: Being clinically undetectable means that HIV is untransmittable to a sexual partner.

HRC Launches first-ever HBCU Sexual Health Directory

This directory will serve as an important resource for LGBTQ+ students where they can find their University's sexual health center or get the essential services they need to keep them and their sexual partners safe.

Campuses can also work with us to improve their health services to ensure students are taking control of their bodies and their health.

LGBTQ+ Voices

We are sharing our stories using our voices. Join us as we bring together influencers, advocates, community based organizations and policy makers as a community.

Minority-led and Minority-serving

Connect With Us

Reach out to a member of our team or become a community-based partner.

Prioritize Your Sexual Health

There are thousands of local organizations working to stop STIs and HIV in their tracks. Connect with them to find the services you need.